Saturday, March 28, 2009


I'm thinking positive thoughts today...funny how that works. One day I am scared and worried about everything and the next I'm full of wonder and amazement of what is to come.
Today, I am grateful for the following...

1) I have a loving supportive husband. Who tries his best to keep me thinking positively and tries to take a lot of the pressure away about getting pregnant. He really is amazing!

2) I may not have my own eggs, but I am grateful for the fact that I CAN carry a baby and have my blood flow through him or her.

3) I can afford this super expensive ivf process - thanks housing bubble!

4) Everything so far is going smoothly, no hiccups - only normal test results.

5) I have a 90% chance of getting pregnant with the use of donor eggs with this program. The doctor said using donor eggs has the best odds of working per cycle.

6) There are so many woman willing to help other woman by giving them the gift of life.

7) All the amazing women out there blogging and commenting about their experiences. It really does make a difference, knowing I am not alone. All the positive thoughts are super helpful and is probably why I'm thinking such good thoughts today.

8) Science - it really is amazing. Donor eggs & IVF are becoming more common these days. I am grateful for all the advancements in this field.

9) I live so close to the largest fertility clinic in the country if not the world. More than 15,000 babies have been born with their help. My primary location is 5 minutes away for all the simple tests & blood work and my transfer location is only 30 miles away.

So yeah, I am lucky in a lot of ways.


  1. I love this post! I know what you mean about the mood swings! But I just love your positive outlook on what's to come and I just know and have to trust that you will have your little bundle of joy.

    I have had accupuncture a couple of times around ovulation... for me I just feel like its allowed me to have an emotional release.. last time it was the realization that yes we are an infertile couple. And I always sleep so great afterwards .. that goes for the chiropractor too, who we see together every 3 weeks. I have read good things about accupuncture and IVF so might be something to look into.. if anything just to keep stress in check. There are many accupuncturists/naturopaths that specialize in infertility. Maybe your dr. could even refer you to someone?

  2. I love how you counted your blessings today! I need to do that too. It is so good for the soul! Yes, you sound like your IVF with DE will go amazingly well and you'll be grateful for one more thing very soon.