Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's almost been a year...

My son is almost 1. I can't believe how fast the time goes. Why is it when you child turns 1, that people start asking you when you are going to have another? I don't like this question. I have no idea when we will want to try again or when we will even be able to, let alone if it will work.

It's not as simple as having unprotected sex...oh how I wish it were. The thought of doing ALL those fertility shots again depresses me. I have already talked to our fertility clinic about getting the same donor's eggs, so we can have a full sibling. We were able to set aside 8 frozen eggs at $1,000 an egg and when we are ready it's going to be another $8,000!!! This time there will not be a money back option, so if it doesn't work, we are going to be out of money. We were lucky once, I can't see how we'll be lucky again.

Even if I was ready to try again, it's not that simple either. I didn't know that you have to stop breastfeeding before you can try again. Breastfeeding is very important to me because of our situation so we are still breastfeeding. I am actually hoping to continue to for as long as possible. I had envisioned breastfeeding a toddler and a baby. Now baby #2 will just have to wait until my son weans, or I help him wean. Right now, I hope he continues to breastfeed until at least two, but who knows what the future holds.

I still hope that one day my period will come back and I'll get pregnant naturally. I wonder if I will ever stop thinking that. I was hoping that all the new hormones would have "reset" my body into working and I would magically start ovulating. I guess wishful thinking.

I must say before closing this post, that my son is totally worth all the headaches that came with doing IVF. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am so grateful for the technology.


  1. Hi there,

    I've just been reading up on your blog. How fantastic that you have a wee son. I'm so pleased for you. Good luck with your continued journey to have another baby via IVF. Hopefully you will be able to fall pregnant again with the remaining eggs you have from your donor. Are they eggs or are they embryos?

    I am just newly pregnant with donor eggs from my sister.

    I have just had a scare with lots of bleeding yesterday but hopefully my pregnancy is stabilising.

    My first thought was the same as you mention above about trying to get pregnant again - if I lose this pregnancy how on earth am I going to ever be lucky enough to fall pregnant again?

    Anyway, best of luck on your journey - keep us posted

  2. I also have a son from donor egg IVF. He is 15 months old and I love, love, love him. In a way I'm almost glad that I had to use a donor because I can't imagine not having THIS baby as mine.

    We are in the process of going for #2 from an FET and I also strugged with not breastfeeding. But I'm older(41) so I need to do this now or never. I also decided that I'd be giving my son a bigger gift by giving him a sibling than by continuing breastfeeding. My husband was an only child and said it was "lonely" and he was jealous of the other kids.

    But now I wouldn't want to get pregnant naturally (as if). I think that would be really hard on my son. We are going to be open with him about his background and I don't ever want him to think that he's less important to me than another child because of the genetic link.

    ANYWAY...good luck with your difficult decision. They never seem to stop, do they? And congratulations on your baby boy!

  3. I've have been reading your blog. My husband and I did IVF 2 years ago and I gave birth to our son early last year. I know exactly what you are going through. We want to have another baby and I wanted to have the same egg donor as well; however, that was not possible.

    I still hope I can get pregnant the natural way too!

  4. I totally agree with you about the "when are you going to try for another one" comments. I am getting them all the time. Even more so now that my little boy is a year and a half. The other one I hear is, "now that you have one, the second one will be easy". Sure it will! Thanks for sharing.

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